Race and road car designer Professor Gordon Murray, Shell and engine specialist Osamu Goto will work together on a city car.

The team will co-engineer Project M, an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use based around the internal combustion engine.

The Shell concept is intended to be a simple, practical global city car; drawing together the most innovative aspects of light-weight engineering, streamlining, and driveline efficiency. Shell added the vehicle should be in its element whether it is in a city where mass-motoring is a relatively new thing or already a century-old.

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Not to be only a design exercise, the car will actually be tested on-the-road.

The Shell car is scheduled to be unveiled in November 2015 and the development of the car can be followed through the www.shell.com/Projectm website.

Initiated by Shell, the collaboration brings together Shell’s Lubricant’s technology team, The Gordon Murray Design Group and engine specialist Geo Technology.

The partners declared in a joint press release that this technically intimate co-engineering relationship between the three expert teams means that the development of the lubricants, engine and vehicle will be completely integrated delivering results neither group could achieve by working apart.

As expected, being an oil company, Shell provides the fluids for the car specifically ‘designing’ the motor oil that complements and enhances the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Most people would naturally assume that oil, greases and fuels are simply added at the end of a concept-car build project like this, but Shell aims to show with this car what can be achieved when its products are integrated into the design, right from the start.

“Since working with the Gordon Murray Design team on the T.25 car in 2010, we have given further thought on how to deliver a complete rethink of the car, using as little energy as possible,” said Selda Gunsel, Vice President Lubricants Technology. “We believe this Shell car will demonstrate how efficient a car can be when Shell works in harmony with vehicle and engine makers during design and build, supplying fuels and lubricants technical expertise. Shell is excited to be working with such top calibre partners and invite others to join us for the remaining part of this exciting journey,”

The Project M is being launched at the Americas round of Shell Eco-marathon, a global series which challenges student teams to design, build and test ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. Shell Eco-marathon America is in Detroit this week, held April 9 to 12, 2015.