Niche British automaker Morgan is known for three-wheeled roadsters, and the company brought forth another such open-cockpit car at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, but this time there’s a twist – it’s all electric.

The Morgan EV3 is lightweight at just over 1,000 pounds, and powered by a 63 horsepower (47-kilowatt) electric motor. A 20 Kwh lithium-ion battery provides the charge, and Morgan says the range is 150 miles. The company predicts a 0-62 mph time of under 9 seconds and a top speed above 90 mph.

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In the interest of saving weight, there’s no roof or windshield, and carbon-fiber composite panels are used for the hood, tonneau cover, and side pods.

Morgan is known for having unique styling, and the EV3 has asymmetrical headlamps with a third headlight mounted off-center. There are also brass fins that are used for cooling the battery.

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Morgan aims to have the car on sale by late 2016, at a similar price to its gasoline-powered stablemate, the 3 Wheeler, which means it should be priced above $40,000.