The Tesla Model 3 should be launching this summer, and more photos of the car have hit the Internet.

Reddit user youyouxue snapped a whole bunch of photos when he or she encountered the car, being driven by a Tesla engineer who was taking the car home for the night.

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Other photos have hit the Web in the past, but these show some details we haven’t yet seen or seen clearly. For instance, we have a clear shot of the steering wheel, another clear shot of the center-stack display screen – one that seems to potentially show a range of over 300 miles. Other details include the autopilot hardware (with the return of a rain sensor), the center roof panel, the center-stack controls, and the wheels.

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Some bits, such as the turn signals, appear to be similar to what’s currently seen on the Model S and X. Others have slight differences – the charge port has a new Tesla logo indicator light, and while it, too, opens remotely, it doesn’t appear to open all the way without manual assist.

About that range – both Teslarati and Electrek are basing their guesses on what can be seen on the screen in the image – the car has 95 miles remaining with a little over 30 percent charge. So, that works out to over 300 miles. It’s worth noting, however, that battery range will obviously be dependent on driving style and external factors, such as weather conditions. Which driving mode is selected plays, a part, too. With rumors that the car will offer a 60 kWh battery pack and either a 70 or 75 kWh as available, it’s a safe bet that this car had the larger battery pack onboard.

Other details – it’s unclear if the headrests are adjustable, and the interior pics give a sense of how thick the center-roof panel is.

Take a peek at the pics below.

All photos courtesy of Reddit user youyoxe.