It’s official: The Karma Revero plug-in hybrid luxury sports car has been launched.

Karma Automotive says that the Revero taps into “advanced technology and timeless design.” That timeless design comes from the original Fisker Karma platform. As for advanced technology, the Revero has a solar roof providing more of the power than the previous Karma’s solar panel.

Wired senior writer Jack Stewart visited the Karma plant in Moreno Valley, Calif., for the product launch. In the Wired video report, Carl Jenkins, Karma’s senior VP and vehicle line executive, said that one of its iconic features is the solar-powered roof. The previous Karma had access to a solar panel to power the 12-volt battery linked to the air conditioning system. Now it provides power to the high-voltage battery, he said.

You can also view the Karma Revero product launch video to get a look at how the automaker is branding its new car:

Stewart tested out the powertrain in Car No. 10, which was dressed in camouflage coating. He liked that the electric acceleration, near silent, is strong enough to push you back nicely into your seat while driving. There are no gear changes, just torque, according to Wired.

It’s not silent all the time. You can hear the gas engine cutting in when you put your foot down, Stewart said. All the power from the engine is going to generating electricity to go to the motors.

“It’s always a little disconcerting when the sound of the engine doesn’t exactly match to the acceleration that you feel that you’re getting,” Stewart said in the video. “But that’s actually the most efficient way to use it.”

While it’s priced at over $100,000, Karma Automotive is counting on there being a fan-base in the market for this design. The company will be rewarding existing Karma owners with exclusive access to a new website that gives them the ability to reserve a Revero before the general public on September 8, Karma Automotive said.

“Serving a mass market is not, and never will be, our purpose,” said Jim Taylor, chief revenue officer, in the company’s press release.  “The Revero is for a discerning group of individuals who desire beautiful, clean vehicles and a memorable ownership experience.  We are thrilled to start this journey.”