What kind of a car does Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi a.k.a. His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco drive? He drives a Prius.

Yesterday, he switched it for a plug-in hybrid Prius. The minute the first plug-in hybrid was available in Europe, Toyota shipped it to Monaco as a two month loaner. The intent: Convince the ruler of the 35,800 car principality at France’s Cote d’ Azur to plug-in permanently.

If he buys the car, His Serene Highness can collect a 5,500 euro subsidy from his own government. Should he instead choose Nissan’s Leaf, Prince Albert could award himself 9,000 euros.

Whereas the Prius and its compact sibling the Prius c (a.k.a. Aqua in Japan) enjoy record sales, the plug-in hybrid version has been a slow mover. It costs a princely sum more.