The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has rated the 90-kilowatt-hour Tesla Model X with as much as 257 miles range and interior volume is reported as identical to the Model S.

All vehicles are estimated at 94 cubic feet passenger volume and 26 cubic feet luggage volume.

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Assuming this volume measurement is correct, this may come as a surprise to some.

The Model X has been billed as a larger vehicle inside with proper seating for six or seven passengers. The full-size class five-passenger Model S may also fit up to seven people with two optional rearward facing kid seats in the back, but the X is supposed to be the bigger people and stuff hauler.

We are reserving judgment to see whether Tesla confirms this identical volume for both the X and S.


Recharge time with the very powerful 80-amp home electric vehicle recharging supply equipment, Tesla’s High Power Wall Charger, is 4.75 hours. Charging time would be less with less power, and quicker with Superchargers.

This link will enable you to peruse data the government has. This link is for the images above. Unpublished yet are versions with smaller batteries.