Tesla’s Model S is the top-selling all-electric car in Canada.

Since launching in 2012 it achieved 20-percent market share that same year compared to Nissan’s 40 percent and Mitsubishi’s 31 percent, and for 2013 it’s now at 43 percent, surpassing Nissan’s 35 percent and Mitsubishi’s 11 percent.

Tesla’s achievement is all the more remarkable given its selling price is more than double the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV’s. It now defines a class of one: the luxury performance EV.


The accomplishment was also noted by IHS Automotive which blogged about Tesla’s conquest sales from beyond existing EV early adopters.

“It is important to note that with such tremendous gains, Tesla did not necessarily conquest customers from other electric vehicle OEMs, but instead, brought new customers from outside the electric vehicle market to grow the current EV customer base,” wrote Ben Garden for IHS Automotive.

The Canadian auto market is around one-tenth the size of the U.S. by volume, and Tesla is undoubtedly bolstered by backorders, but it keeps expanding its Canadian footprint, and its popularity has kept new orders coming as Tesla is also expanding to Europe and Asia.

IHS Automotive