Mitsubishi’s Outlander Plug-in Hybrid has hit 100,000 sales in Europe, just four years after going on sale.

From the time that sales began, the plug-in Outlander quickly escalated to becoming one of Mitsubishi’s best-selling vehicles in Europe. It now makes up more than 10 percent of the brand’s sales there. Sales topped 100,000 total late last month. Sales of the Outlander hybrid topped 100,000 worldwide in 2016.

The biggest European market for the Outlander is the UK. Sales there have topped 34,000 in the four years it has been available and it makes up 40 percent of UK Mitsubishi sales. It’s also the best selling plug-in hybrid there and in 2016 represented more than half of all plug-ins sold. Next up is the Netherlands, where the Outlander PHEV made its European sales debut. Sales have hit 25,000 there.

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Based on the gas Outlander, the Outlander PHEV uses a pair of electric motors along with a 2.0L four-cylinder. Having a motor front and rear means that it can offer all-wheel drive without a center driveshaft sending power to the rear from the gas engine.

The Outlander PHEV’s gas engine makes 118 hp and the electric motors each produce 82 hp. It has a 12 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that gives an EPA estimated 22-mile electric range.

Mitsubishi has said that the Outlander PHEV should arrive at U.S. dealers in February or March this year.

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