Mitsubishi Motors announced yesterday that it is recalling 14,700 of its i-MiEV electric powertrain cars due to a problem with the car’s brakes.

According to Reuters the automaker says it will recall 3,400 of the i-MiEV car, and 2,400 MINICAB-MiEV vehicles in Japan, with 8,900 i-MiEV cars recalled in Europe. Some variants of the all-electric car are rebadged as either a PSA Peugeot Citroen iOn or C-Zero.

According to reports the brake issue is related to a damaged or misshaped electrical pump that feeds air to the brake booster. Brake boosters are used to multiply the force drivers apply to a car’s brake pedal. This in effect creates what’s more commonly known as power brakes.

Since the i-MiEV doesn’t have a gas-powered engine, an electric pump is used in the electric car to assist the brake booster. The vacuum created as a result of the pumping action of gasoline engine’s pistons is used to operate the brake booster, therefore no separate electric motor is necessary as it is on the i-MiEV.

Without the power assist drivers would have to apply far more force to the brake pedal than what they used to, potentially leading to much longer stopping distances.

The problematic part will be exchanged and the process will take about half an hour, according to an anonymous Mitsubishi spokesman.  No injuries or deaths have been reported and there is no risk of fire, he added.