Do you or does someone you know have Electriphobia? If so, Mitsubishi may be able to help.

Vowing to eradicate any lingering anxieties of electric vehicles, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (MMSCAN) launched its tongue-in-cheek Electriphobia Research Institute at the 2012 Green Living Show held in Toronto, North America’s largest green consumer show.

The fictitious “Institute” pokes fun at common misperceptions about electric cars and aims to rid Canadians of “the shocking new fear sweeping the nation.” A unique approach to electric vehicle (EV) awareness, “Electriphobia” is a web-based campaign that debuted on April 16.

Mitusbishi’s site addresses six purported “fears” ordinary consumers may have surrounding electric vehicles. These are:

• Fear of Electrocution

• Fear of Silence

• Range Anxiety

• Tailpipe Separation Anxiety

• Gas Withdrawal Anxiety

• Fear of Becoming a Hippie

If you suffer from any of these maladies, Mitsu encourages you to check yourself in to its therapeutic Web site.