At this month’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi will make the world debut of its e-Evolution Concept, an all-electric concept with Artificial Intelligence that will suggest the near-future direction of Mitsubishi Motors.

The concept is intended to build on the Japanese automaker’s EV and all-wheel drive expertise, with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking it to a new level. Augmenting the driver’s capabilities, the AI system will deploy an array of sensors allowing it to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions, as well as the driver’s intent. Coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance, Mitsubishi says the system will provide support to drivers by augmenting their abilities.

A special coaching function allows the AI system to educate the driver, constructing a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display.

Mitsubishi says this high-tech wizardry is designed to use voice recognition and natural-language processing to correctly understand what occupants are saying. In doing so, it will converse with them in natural-sounding language, even amid all the road noise.

The system allows the driver to voice-control functions such as climate control, wipers, headlights and more. It also provides vehicle status information, including any malfunction alerts, should they occur. Mitsubishi promises some of these features will be demonstrated during the vehicle’s display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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Using a trio of electric motors that Mitsubishi bills as “high-torque and high-performance,” the e-Evolution Concept has an all-wheel drive system. A single motor drives the front wheels while a dual-motor setup in the rear is electronically managed through an Active Yaw Control unit which is said to provide handling characteristics of a crisp and sharp nature.

Visual renderings of the e-Evolution Concept depict a rakish, wedge-shaped machine. Its crossover-esque profile has a dramatically sloped rear window and a dramatic character line along its flank. A passel of snazzy headlights lend an aggressive, futuristic look to the front end.

The e-Evolution Concept will be one of 12 Mitsubishi models on display at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. It will be joined by the Japan market Eclipse Cross coupe SUV which is scheduled for its Japan launch early next year.

Press days for the 45th Tokyo Motor Show will be held on Oct. 25 and 26, opening to the general public on Oct. 28.