Drivers of the Nissan Leaf will have accumulated 1 billion kilometers (621,371,192 miles) combined by the end of the year.

To highlight drivers that are leading the pack, Nissan explained it has created a series of animated stories, celebrating the race to 1 billion electric kilometers featuring owners, beginning with Roberto San Jose.

Nissan said Roberto, from Valladolid, narrates his own story as the first taxi driver in Spain to buy a Nissan Leaf, explaining that since buying his Nissan Leaf in October 2011 he has covered over 100,000 kilometers (62,000 miles) and eliminated three quarters of his running costs.

“As long as my car is my business, my car will be a Nissan Leaf,” said Roberto. “The Leaf makes perfect sense. It’s relaxing to drive and it’s such a smooth ride that my clients love it too.”


Roberto’s story can be found on many social media platforms including Facebook, You Tube and Twitter as well as a dedicated website.

“Stories like Roberto’s are powerful reminders of how buying a Nissan Leaf can revolutionize a business today. He is one of many pioneers reaping the unique benefits of electric vehicles – and that number is growing by the day,” said Jean Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe.

Following Roberto, Nissan has launched animations featuring the stories of Leaf owners Pascal di Stefano and Vito Mondelli. Pascal, from Aix-en-Provence in France reveals how he has rediscovered his pleasure of driving in his Nissan Leaf.

“I bought it as a second car,” said Pascal, “but in fact I mostly use the Leaf now.”

Vito Mondelli, from Bari in Italy, tell Nissan of the time he decided to drive to the picturesque town of Taranto, over 100 kilomters away. His friends said he would never make it in an electric car but managed to proved them wrong, knowing that when fully charged he can drive his Leaf well over the distance, even on the highway.

As further landmarks are reached on the race to a billion kilometers, Nissan stated it will release three further animations, telling the eye-opening stories of Laura Farina, Italy’s proud first-ever Nissan Leaf owner, and Sue Terry and Darren Golder from the UK, all of whom find the Leaf has radically changed their driving experience.

It is estimated that the billion kilometer (621,371,192 miles) mark will be reached before January 2015. Nissan added rising sales and a rapidly expanding quick charge network mean the target might be beaten even earlier.

Nissan explained an accurate log of the total distance covered by every car has been recorded since the car was launched in 2010 through the help of the Nissan Leaf CarWings telemetry.