University of Michigan’s student-run Michigan Hybrid Racing team scored an extra sponsorship from SANLUIS Rassini.

SANLUIS Rassini describes itself as a leading and preferred automotive supplier of suspension and brake components in North America and Brazil.

As part of SANLUIS Rassini‚Äôs ongoing collaboration for automotive research and development, the company said it has made a donation to become a silver-level sponsor for the University of Michigan’s (U-M) student-run Michigan Hybrid Racing (MHybrid) team for their 2014 season.

MHybrid builds a high-performance, hybrid-electric Formula-style race car; the team competes at the Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the spring against teams from all over the world.

Rassini’s donation will go toward the purchase of a new differential for the vehicle’s drivetrain and allow the team to buy aluminum stock to machine suspension components, said Mhybrid team members.

This sponsorship follows a long list of partnerships over the past decade between Rassini and U-M, the most recent of which resulted in an automotive patent application focused on advancements in composite material technology, said the supplier.

Now in their third season, the MHybrid team explained it strives to improve their design by focusing on producing the lightest, most effective components and further developing their controls system.

With competition quickly approaching in May 2014, the team is excited to once again compete for the Formula Hybrid Title.

“SANLUIS Rassini’s sponsorship will allow us to keep progressing in our design for the competition, as well as help give student engineers the resources needed for a real-world engineering experience,” said MHybrid Team Captain Connor St. John. “Donations from businesses such as SANLUIS Rassini allow us to work with world-class companies for integration with local industry as well as fund some of the most key components of our vehicle.”

SANLUIS Rassini added its university relationships have focused on developing the next generation of automotive engineers.

“Part of our culture is to give back to the local communities where we live and work and supporting a leading-class institution like the University of Michigan does just that,” said Mauricio Gonzalez, Engineering Director of SANLUIS Rassini. “The patent applications that have resulted from the University of Michigan relationship as well as from other universities that we partner with are a testament to the exceptional expertise that stems from these schools, as well as our ability to work with them to achieve technological breakthroughs.”