MG, best known for its roadsters of the 20th century, has plans to return to its roots. According to a Drive report from last Thursday, the British brand—now under Chinese control—has plans for a new roadster.

But, it won’t exactly be an MG roadster like many remember because the brand plans for an electric powertrain and all-wheel drive. With the new model, MG wants to directly challenge the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Head of design Shao Jingfeng told the publication that “we will [build an MX-5 rival]” and it will ride on a brand new platform to support the electric powertrain. Not only will MG build a roadster, but Jingfeng also spilled plans for more sports cars from the storied brand. Plans include a “motorsports car, sports car” and more electric cars in the near future.

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After China’s SAIC acquired the brand, the company spent years establishing mainstream models with a sedan and crossover portfolio. With the bread and butter on the table, MG will now tackle the enthusiast segment with the new models.

“I will make MG brand closer to history because the brand stopped for several years and for customers [building SUVs] doesn’t answer, ‘who is MG?’ So we need to get back to the beginning,” Jingfeng added.

The head of design wouldn’t confirm any other details on the electric roadster, but we shouldn’t expect a launch in North America anytime soon.

[Source: Drive]