Mercedes-Benz is getting serious about high-performance electric vehicles.

It was reported earlier that the German automaker will debut an all-electric SUV concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in October, and now Australia’s Motoring reports Mercedes will also roll out a concept for its four-door Tesla Model S fighter. The company has already confirmed its plans for a Tesla fighter and it is believed a concept close to production form will bow as a four-seater sedan with all-wheel drive.

According to Jurgen Schenk, Mercedes-Benz E-Drive system integration director, the all-electric powertrain is expected to deliver high levels of performance. “We will deliver something, which if you would scale it in the Mercedes rank of all the other vehicles, it will be in the top three,” he said. “If you look into the first 100m it will be very, very fast. If you look at who can go for the first two miles it will be different to out compete with an AMG.” When asked about the upcoming car’s performance, Schenk said that “It will be dangerous,” later clarifying “It could be dangerously fast, even the first version.”


But one thing that the German automaker has no plans on doing is setting any sort of Nurburgring record for its Tesla Model S fighter. In fact, he went on to confirm that the car isn’t being developed to go very fast around corners, although it will be “a sporty vehicle in a size and in a situation where we expect to catch as much passengers as possible.”

More importantly, range for Mercedes-Benz’s Tesla Model S fighter will be around 310 miles.

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