Mercedes-Benz is expected to follow the lead set by the B-Class Electric Drive through building four new electric models on existing Mercedes platforms.

The German automaker will likely be launching two electric sedans and two SUVs by 2020. They’ll fall under the automaker’s cost-saving strategy and are expected to follow the lead set by the B-Class Electric Drive with minimal changes from the internal combustion engine models. Mercedes-Benz’s research and development director, Thomas Weber will be guiding the design and implementation, according to Autocar.

There’s no word on whether these four new electric vehicles will be plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicles, or a mix of the two technologies. The B-Class Electric Drive uses an all-electric drive system.

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According to reports, the electric SUVs may come from the Mercedes GLA and GLC, and the electric sedans could be built on the C-Class and S-Class platforms. Utilizing existing platforms and body shells gives Mercedes-Benz the advantage of offering price tags lower than the Tesla Model S and Model X.

These Tesla models are not eligible for the German government’s new subsidy plan, and that price cap may apply to the new Mercedes electric models. Battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have a price cap of 60,000 euros ($67,329) which goes over the government’s mandate to not incentive the sale of high-end EVs.