In June, reported that Mercedes-Benz was considering a new brand name for its upcoming line of all-electric vehicles, and it now appears the luxury carmaker has made a decision.

According to Autoexpress, recent trademark applications have been filled by the company with the prefix “EQ.”

The firm has asked to register everything from EQA and EQB through to EQX, and the report suggests they will likely exist under a more conventional sub-brand called MEQ.

Additionally, Mercedes applied to register slogans including EQ inside, EQ boost and Generation MEQ, probably for use in marketing material.

Autoexpress said that a Mercedes spokesperson denied all knowledge of the name or any plans for a sub-brand — although our June story reported that a source told German newspaper Handelsblat, “The launch of the electric car brand is planned for September in Paris.”

The first new battery-electric vehicle from Mercedes is believed to be a full-size luxury car called EQS; a high-end rival for the Tesla Model S, and it could debut as early as next year.

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The new car will be built on an all-new battery-electric platform called EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture) that is designed to be scalable, making it relatively easy to produce smaller models and SUVs.

At the upcoming September Paris auto show, it’s expected that Mercedes will introduce an all-electric SUV based on the current GLC model.

It’s unclear if the EQ name will be used on the electric SUV or if the new badge will be exclusive for the new EV lineup of vehicles.

The German maker has never produced an electric car from scratch. Its only battery-powered cars are the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, a small crossover, and the Smart ForTwo Electric city car.

The aim for the new all-electric modes is to not only meet the upcoming fuel economy and emissions standards in Europe and the U.S, but also challenge Tesla and new EVs expected from Audi, Jaguar and Porsche.