Mercedes-Benz is bringing energy storage to home and business owners in the United Kingdom.

Homeowners in the UK can have up to eight 2.5 kWh storage modules installed for a total of 20 kWh of back-up power. Commercial customers will have access to even more power.

The lithium-ion batteries are based on the same technology that’s gone into over 80,000 plug-in hybrid and all-electric Daimler vehicles since 2012.

Homes and commercial properties with their own solar power panels can store the surplus power without a loss, says Mercedes-Benz. Households will be able to increase consumption of that generated energy by as much as 65 percent.

Parent company Daimler started the energy storage division in 2015 soon after Tesla Energy was launched. BMW and Nissan have also started up energy storage businesses.

Users can bring in a customized pack of components for energy storage system. These include a photovoltaic system generating solar power, a battery inverter, an energy management system, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage unit, and the cost of installation.

The photo gallery below shows the range of storage size and capacity available to end users.

The German automaker’s energy storage unit is working with UK distributors including Alternergy, Innasol, and Wind & Sun. Other companies, such as Solar Frontier, can provide complete system installations. These types of stationary battery storage systems are often installed together with solar panels, Mercedes-Benz said.

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Market demand for clean energy and storage is building up in the UK.

“There is tremendous interest in our energy storage units in the UK. We’re very pleased to be able to offer Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home to customers here,” said Marc Thomas, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Energy.

Mercedes-Benz Energy has its eyes set on two more growth markets beyond sales in the UK: large-scale industrial projects in the ‘primary reserve’ market; and the founding of Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas.