Mercedes-Benz’ Intelligent World Drive is parading its semi-autonomous S-Class on a five-continent trip to better understand the world’s traffic problems and adapt its driver assistance suite to each region.

First introduced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, the goal of the Intelligent World Drive tour is to understand the types of automated and semi-autonomous driving functions needed based on each country’s driving behavior, real traffic conditions, and road composition, heavily focused on urban traffic areas.

With driving peculiarities different in each region, the tour hopes to nail down a universal set of automated driving functions and to better adapt its automated driving technology to each location’s rules and regulations.

“Recording, processing and interpreting highly complex traffic situations is the key to safe automated and autonomous driving. This is particularly demanding in dense urban traffic,” said Ola Källenius, Daimler AG group research & Mercedes-Benz cars development board member. “This is why we are deliberately testing our automated driving functions in everyday driving situations in large cities. In this way not only do our vehicles become more intelligent, they also become safer.”

The tour first launched in Germany, with future stops scheduled or already taking place in China (October), Australia (November), and South Africa (December). Its final stop is at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in Jan. 2018. Research is expected to vary between each location, such as digital map testing in Melbourne and a study of highway right-side traffic from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.