Mercedes-Benz lanched the B-Class Electric Drive today at the 2013 New York International Auto Show.

The German company estimates the range of this new EV at around 115 miles (200 km).

The B-Class Electric Drive will be launched first in the USA at the beginning of 2014, where it will be the first luxury battery electric car from Mercedes-Benz in the market.

Mercedes Benz B-Klasse Electric Drive, (W 242), 2013The new B-Class Electric Drive surprises, according to Mercedes-Benz, with a particularly dynamic driving experience, delivering decidedly powerful acceleration while gliding along the road practically silently.

According to Dr. Joachim Schmidt, member of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Board of Management responsible for Sales and Marketing, “the B-Class Electric Drive meets the wishes of many customers for emission-free driving without foregoing the hallmark attributes of a Mercedes-Benz, namely safety, comfort and, of course, not to forget exhilarating driving pleasure.”

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive is based on the conventionally powered B-Class. In the USA, the vehicle is being introduced onto the market exclusively as the electric variant; it is available in Canada in ICE-powered versions.

Power to this B-Class EV is provided by an electric motor generating more than 100 kilowatt.

A lithium-ion battery feeds energy to the electric drive and is accommodated in the so-called “Energy Space” in the vehicle’s underfloor – a solution which is both space-saving and safe.

Thanks to this intelligent packaging, the five-seater retains the familiar, generous interior space and luggage space of the regular B-Class.

The maximum speed is electronically limited to 100 mph (160 km/h) in the interests of operating range. Depending on the respective driving cycle, the range is around 115 miles (200 km).

The B-Class Electric Drive can be recharged at any standard household power socket. In the USA, the charging time for a range of about 60 miles (100 km) is less than 2 hours at 240 V/40 A.

While the car is on the move, the electric drive itself converts kinetic energy into electric current in deceleration mode and during braking and feeding this energy into the battery.

The new B-Class Electric Drive will be available initially in the USA from the beginning of 2014, and will be launched in European markets subsequently.

Benz_B-Class_Schematic-668Mercedes Benz B-Klasse Electric Drive, (W 242), 2013