McLaren’s P1 hybrid hypercar has made it around the Nurburgring in under 7 minutes, and now an all-electric version is soon to be available.

The tiniest car to ever wear a McLaren badge, the single seater EV comes with butterfly doors, a three-speed transmission, and will hit its top speed in just 2 seconds.

Adorned in Volcano Yellow only, the unique vehicle positions the driver centrally like the legendary F1 does, and interior accoutrements include washable plastic.


The expected customers for this very special EV are an exclusive bunch, and this rules out the usual buyer of exotica from this prestigious automaker.

Kids’ Version of Tesla Model S Starts At $499

Specifically, children under 6 are the target demographic for the approximately $500 vehicle expected to go on sale this fall.


Unlike EVs which usually come at a price premium, this may be the only McLaren many people who’ve long admired the brand may be able to afford.