When last we spoke with McLaren in New York this year, it said hybrids were not on the agenda, but it turns out that may now be incorrect.

In the near term little about hybridization has been said, and actually, details are sparse about the long term also, but at least clear according to McLaren Managing Director Mike Flewitt, is “all models will be hybrids, even if some use a basic form of hybridization.”

This he said in an interview with Edmunds about the upcoming “entry level” P13 to start at $210,000.

Flewitt does not say an SUV is coming, but the P1 hubris supercar will be followed in 10 years, and some engine downsizing in its model range is to be expected.

“We will offer two or three mainstream cars, plus some specialty models — something like the P1 or perhaps even a full-electric car,” he said.

Undoubtedly McLaren would count on improved energy storage for an EV sports car with its badge on it.

For now, the company says costs and supercar-spec hybrid technology are not feasible for less than the sold out million dollar P1.