On April 2, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that the state will be adding $2 million into Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program.

Unlike Georgia, which is in the process of trying to get its EV incentives program revoked, or Illinois, which has already halted its Alternative Fuel Rebate Program, Massachusetts has chosen to go the opposite route regarding state EV incentives.

This program, which will be administered under the Department of Energy Resources, will give the residents of Massachusetts the opportunity of a $2,500 offered rebate when purchasing or leasing electric vehicles.

Eligible vehicles include plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery powered electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, and zero-emission motorcycles. Up until this time, the program has assisted with the purchasing of over 700 vehicles.

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According to the Massachusetts government, those who purchase battery electric vehicles can save up to $3,750 on fuel throughout the following five years in comparison to the same models gasoline powered counterpart.

MOR-EV’s $2 million was funded by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative’s auction proceeds, all in hopes to reduce reliance on foreign oil as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout Massachusetts.

“The electric vehicle market is growing, but like any innovative sector, it needs supportive policies in order to reach its full potential. The MOR-EV Program is one of many great opportunities our state has to support this market and reduce emissions in the transportation sector,” said Representative Frank Smizik (D-Brookline), Chair, House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change in regards to this program.