Maserati is releasing its first vehicle with self-driving features, the Ghibli GranLusso, as well an all-electric two-seater debuting in 2020.

Presented at the Chengdu Motor Show in Chengdu, China this past August, the GranLusso has received numerous styling and technological upgrades over its predecessor, the Ghibli badge. Styling cues include a new front and sportier rear bumper covers for improved aerodynamics, new front fascia chrome inserts, revised front grille with chrome bars, adaptive full LED headlights with glare-eliminating Matrix high beams, and driver-assistance features, according to the Maserati website.

Also, semi-autonomous driving technology will be part of the package, according to Auto Express UK. The brand has remained mum on specifics, including its autonomous driving level, a grading scale used by the Society of Automotive Engineers and later adopted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to define the complexity of individual automated driving systems.

On a similar note, Maserati is also planning an electric vehicle for 2020, the all-electric two-seater Alfieri, according to Autocar. The Alfieri concept was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. No word yet on its range or other specifications.

Maserati’s commitment to release electric vehicles is a dynamic shift from FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne’s earlier reluctance, fueled by cost concerns, admittance to diesel weaknesses, and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZED) mandates that forced the production of electric vehicles to satisfy state-led zero-emission requirements. The brand may meet future headwinds as a result of its relatively late entry to electrification and the brand’s niche fanbase that may resist electric powertrains in supercars.

“I think we’re now in a position to acknowledge that at least one of our brands, and in particular Maserati, will, when it completes the development of its next two models, effectively switch all of its portfolio to electrification, and as these products come up for renewal post 2019, it will start launching vehicles which are all electric.” said FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne in last July’s earnings call.

Detroit Free Press