Indian automaker Mahindra is tapping into its technology assets and team racing experience to manufacture autonomous electric cars.

Mahindra plans to utilize its investments in six automotive brands, four IT brands, and other companies that specialize in production and technology. It’s also gaining insight from its electric racer that’s been part of the Formula E series.

Company CEO Anand Mahindra spoke to Autocar right before last weekend’s Formula E championship finale in London. He said sharing the expertise of each of the company’s brands will be vital for it to create products for intelligent mobility, including a line-up of autonomous plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

“If you look at the future of mobility, having one of the largest IT companies in India [Tech Mahindra] as part of your group, it’s not a bad thing to have,” he said. “They’re already doing an enormous amount of work with other companies – which we cannot name – on autonomous vehicles. A lot of their technology will go into our cars and our [PEVs].”

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The company’s PEVs would be badged as Mahindras, he said. Currently, the only Mahindra-badged car on sale in the UK is the all-electric e2o, but more models are due to roll out.

While the CEO wouldn’t specify what autonomous vehicles the company would be making, executive director Pawan Goenka confirmed that the technology would trickle into Mahindra’s other brands, including Ssangyong and Pininfarina. Earlier this year, Autocar reported that Mahindra wants Pininfarina to develop an electric supercar.

Goenka also said Formula E was a catalyst to speed up the development of electric motor and battery technology for future models. Anand Mahindra revealed that aside from the marketing benefits, technology was the main reason the company entered the championship. Mahindra Racing took fifth place in the Formula E series, which ended last weekend in London.