Upstart automaker Lynk & Co plans to offer subscription-based car sales.

The Chinese manufacturer revealed the information while talking to Auto Express about its newest model. That new car will be a crossover SUV, called the 02 Crossover. It will be the company’s second vehicle to market, following the 01 SUV.

Lynk is owned by Geely, the same Chinese company that owns Volvo.

“We’re launching in China this year and Europe and US in mid-2019,” said Lynk & Co Senior VP Alain Visser.

But Lynk won’t just offer conventional sales and leasing. The company is going to offer a subscription based sales model.

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“We will most of all sell mobility. So we’ll sell cars via a subscription model, where you pay a monthly fee and extend it or not, but within that fee you can change car every day or swap it whenever you want it,” said Visser.

The model lets you have a car for just a short period of time, or for a normal multi-year term. But during your term, it would allow you to share the car and recover some of your payment.

“You spend five days a month where the car is at the airport. For these five days you put your car on share, and for £20 ($26) a day you get £100 ($130) back,” said Visser.

Not only can the vehicle be shared, but Lynk & Co Chief Digital Officer David Green said that the owner can limit who can use the shared car. The owner could limit it to friends and family, or open to a more broad user base.

Green said that the company was in talks with property companies who could include a vehicle with an apartment building or complex, sharing one car between multiple units and including mobility with rent.

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