Lyft has inked a deal with Canadian automotive parts supplier Magna to develop a proprietary self-driving system.

The collaboration will comprise of co-funding and co-development of hardware, software, and manufacturing systems, working out of Lyft’s Palo Alto, Calif. based self-driving manufacturing facility. Its self-driving systems are expected to serve Lyft’s own internal network and other automakers, leveraging more than 5 billion miles of data collected by Lyft towards production.

There’s no word yet on the exact use cases, future potential customers, or if additional industry partnerships are expected as a result of this move.

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“There is a new mobility landscape emerging, and partnerships like this put us at the forefront of this change,” said Swamy Kotagiri, Magna’s chief technology officer.  “Lyft’s leadership in ridesharing and Magna’s automotive expertise makes this strategic partnership ideal to effect a positive change as a new transportation ecosystem unfolds.”

“Together with Magna, we will accelerate the introduction of self-driving vehicles by sharing our technology with automotive OEMs worldwide,” said Lyft CEO Logan Green. “This is an entirely new approach that will democratize access to this transformative technology.”

Terms of the deal also include a $200 purchase in Lyft equity by Magna, which bumps Lyft’s valuation to more than $11 billion.