This past Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an extensive plan covering both environmental goals promoting various programs for the city over the next few decades.

The “pLAn” as it’s titled, is 105-page booklet that incorporates both new, and previously declared environmental initiatives by the mayor to help create what he dubs “a more sustainable city.”

This initiative was formulated under the guidance of Garcetti’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Matt Petersen, finished in roughly a years time.

Some of the objectives include a 25 percent reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by the transportation of goods within the port of L.A. by 2035.

In addition, the installment of 1000 EV charging stations throughout the next two years, which will be handled by the 22 sustainability officers Garcetti plans to appoint in the very near future.

A few of these goals have already been set in motion, for instance, reducing per-capita water usage by 22.5 percent by 2025, and halving the city’s water importation from outside sources which were issued in an executive directive last year by the mayor.

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When asked what the most vital of these future accomplishments were, Garcetti responded with the curbing of greenhouse gases, water imports, as well as reducing poverty through raising minimum wage.

The mayor also stated that it’s not so much the importance of one single goal, but how they collectively work as one.

There’s no doubt that drought and our relationship with water is probably the most urgent of the needs, but can I really say that’s more urgent than global warming? One is related to the other,” said the mayor.

Los Angeles Times