Hybrid Incentives and Rebates – Region by Region

We’re doing our best to track hybrid incentives and rebates across the country.

Carpool (HOV) Lanes

With the signing of the federal transportation bill by Pres. George Bush in Aug. 2005, states may now issue stickers to owners of hybrid vehicles, allowing them to drive solo in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

The Politics of Parking

The promotion of cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles usually involves the carrot and stick approach. The stick in the campaign for hybrids is government regulation. Except in its mildest form, regulations forcing manufacturers to increase the efficiency of their vehicle are heavily resisted by the carmakers, and often get lost in litigation and/or government lethargy. The carrot is consumer incentives, which make both carmaker and consumer happy, and can often be managed at the more nimble local level. The newest twist involves incentives for merely parking your hybrid.