Lithium-ion battery technology company Enevate has debuted its new line of batteries powered by HD-Energy technology, promising a 5-minute charge.

Its main feature is a five-minute charge with a claimed driving range of up to 240-miles (390-kilometers) or a 50-mile range (80-kilometers) on a one-minute charge. Enevate also sats it absorbs more regenerative braking energy than traditional EV batteries with the ability to charge in arctic-level temperatures, as low as minus 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, touts the company, it comes in an ultra-thin design with a high silicon composition, allowing it to store more energy.

Another benefit cited is its HD-Energy battery technology’s resistance to lithium-plating, a process where metallic lithium forms around the battery’s anode, causing reduced charging power over time. This degradation is usually caused by charging in colder temperatures or overvoltage (fast charging), issues that affect traditional graphite lithium-ion cells.

“The benefits of Enevate’s silicon-dominant HD-Energy Technology enable next-generation features that take EVs to the next level,” says founder & CTO Dr. Benjamin Park. “Extreme fast charges for very short and convenient charging times, higher energy density leading to longer driving ranges, and cold temperature operation with inherent safety advantages make this technology ideal for electric vehicles.”

No word yet regarding cost or the charging equipment needed to power Enevate’s batteries.

Enevate’s announcement follows a slew of technology and lithium-ion cell design firms promising to make EV charging more efficient. These competitors include Israeli-based StoreDot with its EV FlashBattery promising the same 5-minute charge using comparable specifications.

Both focus on reducing “range anxiety” and bringing lower cost, extended range batteries designed to facilitate flow-through charging stations, much like how we interact with today’s gas stations with a quick stop and go instead of relying on home or overnight charging.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Enevate Corporation specializes in the development of silicon lithium-ion batteries for the electric vehicle, drone, wearable, and mobile industries, holding over 35 patents. Its business model is licensing the technology to automakers, suppliers, and other partners.