“Stomp on the gas and the RX 400h jumps off the line significantly quicker than the regular RX 330. It can drag race head-to-head with a V8-powered Mercedes ML500. And it’s a luxury SUV, loaded with power-hungry features”

“The Clark Kent exterior has only subtle distinctions to separate the 400h from an RX330. But underneath the ordinary mid-size-SUV bodywork, there’s enough technology to amaze Dr. Science.”
Automobile Magazine

“On the open road, the RX 400h has plenty of moxie. Because all the outputs are thoroughly massaged by computer, when you put your foot down nothing dramatic happens—no gut-knotting windup of the motor and no open-asphalt lunge—it just gains speed like the Eurostar pulling out of Waterloo. The vehicle handles heavy, however: The steering is stiff and deliberate, and the car feels a lot heavier than its 4,365 pounds.”
Los Angeles Times

“At speeds up to 40 mph, the 400h can run on the electric motor alone with no engine song to mask unwanted noise. So the Lexus engineers have paid particular attention to reducing NVH. The result is a drive that seems smoother and quieter than the RX 330’s, if that’s possible. A planetary gear transaxle mimics a more conventional CVT transmission, and the lack of gear changes and part- throttle kick down lend an additional feeling of silkiness to the drivetrain.

“What isn’t lacking is power. The 400h Synergy Drive total output has a 38-horsepower edge over the RX 330. That makes the 400h half a second quicker to 60, while still maintaining a 3500-pound tow rating.”
Motor Trend

“The RX 400h calls for no more sacrifice from its owner than does a conventional vehicle. You may find yourself watching the gauges to maximize efficiencies, but you don’t have to. Go ahead, have fun. The RX400h does the rest.”
Car and Driver