The Lexus RC sports car, including its hybrid version, will make its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20 2013.

The four passenger RC will have two models in its range – the RC 350 powered by a 3.5L V6 engine, and the RC 300h hybrid powered by a 2.5-liter engine and hybrid components.

Lexus said the RC lineup brings to life the luxury brand’s focus on emotional appeal through a dynamic and alluring two-door coupe. It has been developed to raise the brand’s profile with a broader audience and new-to-Lexus customers. The company believes it injects emotional appeal into the Lexus DNA that is synonymous with build quality, refinement and reliability.

Lexus explained its designers have infused the RC design with deeply contoured lines never before seen in the Lexus line-up. They have integrated the widest and lowest application yet seen of the Lexus spindle grille. Triangular headlamps evoke the sporty characteristics of the LF-LC design while concept vehicle inspiration is evident in the unique three-lamp LED design. At low beam, the lamps adopt an L-shaped pattern as an expression of the Lexus identity.

On the mechanical side, Lexus did not reveal much more than stating the powertrain options for the LC. V6 engine as well as the full hybrid powertrain are of the same displacement as what is found on other Lexus and Toyota vehicles, namely the Lexus ES and Toyota Camry, leading us to believe the RC will have similar levels of power as these models. Performance will likely be a tad faster, as the RC is expected to be lighter than a comparable ES.

For example, the ES wheelbase is 2820 millimeter (111 inches) for a total length of 4895 millimeter (192.7 inches) while the RC’s wheelbase will be 2730 millimeter (107.5 inches) for a total length of 4695 millimeter (184.8 inches).

Lexus did revea a little about the coupe’s interior, saying a purpose-built Lexus-first lighting package provides a great sense of occasion, with illumination that reflects upwards, rather than downwards, to envelop the cabin. Lexus also said a high contrast interior trim, including a startling new tone called Clove, emphasize design lines and accentuate the elegant cabin.


Finaly, genuine shimamoku wood highlights – the result of an intense, layered wood production technique refined by Lexus – are used to emphasize the surrounding trim.

More info, including fuel consumption and whether the RC is FWD or RWD, will be known closer or during the reveal.