“After driving the GS 450h, we were impressed. This is a hybrid with oomph as well as the great engineering on which Lexus has built its name. Given the reputation behind the vehicle, does the 450h deliver on its promise? Yes on performance, yes on quiet, yes on high-end comfort and yes on all those green-friendly bonuses you expect of a hybrid.”

“I can’t help wishing that the wonderful hybrid powertrain in this car had been tuned more toward the economy end of the spectrum since, let’s face it, warp-speed acceleration isn’t going to make the world a better place to live in. But Lexus is in the business of selling the 2007 GS 450h to its target market, and that group of buyers will be giddy with excitement over this remarkable car and the superior driving experience it offers.”

“The battery pack acts like an electronic supercharger to give the gas engine a huge boost when needed…You sacrifice room to the battery pack, which takes up about half of the trunk space. The area behind and below the rear seat and rear-window parcel shelf is where the batteries reside…Though the fastest machine in the Lexus fleet, the GS lacks stand-out styling to call attention to its fleetness. Like all Lexus vehicles, it settles on conservative design that borders on bland.”
Chicago Tribune