Hybrids were once thought of as a doomsday scenario for enthusiasts and performance cars. These days, an electrified powertrain is almost a given, and often offers even greater performance.

Lexus is out to change perceptions when it comes to its hybrid cars and rolled out a new “Fast as h” ad campaign. The star of the show? None other than the Lexus LC500h.

Hybrids offer numerous benefits over a simple internal-combustion engine. Of course, the main ones are greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions. However, when it comes to performance, electrified-hybrid powertrains can produce whopping amounts of instant torque. The LC500h does its best to avoid compromises in this fashion.

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Two electric motors work to handle performance and efficiency gains. Paired to a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, the LC500h offers 354 horsepower. While the V-6 chugs along, one electric motor acts as a generator and starter. The second motor drives the wheels and recoups lost energy via regenerative braking.

“Fast as h” highlights these attributes with fast action, a witty voiceover, and a twist ending for those unfamiliar with Lexus hybrids. The LC500h certainly doesn’t compare to the wonderful 5.0-liter V-8 engine in the LC500, but the hybrid is no compromise.