Nissan’ Leaf electric vehicle has for the first time claimed the number one spot in Norway’s passenger car sales chart.

Nissan announced today that in October, the zero-emission family car outsold all of its internal combustion engine, hybrid and electric rivals, taking almost 6 percent of the total passenger vehicle market.

Nissan’s mid-cycle-refreshed Leaf, which was launched earlier in the year, consistently performs outstandingly sales-wise in the Norwegian market, the undisputed electric car capital of the world, taking fourth in the sales charts for 2013 to date with over 3 percent of the market.

“We have had incredibly strong sales this year in Norway and with the introduction of the new Nissan Leaf in the middle of 2013, we have seen that level not just maintained, but exceeded,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Nissan Europe Director of Electric Vehicles. “To get the number one spot is an extraordinary sales performance, even for the world’s best selling electric car, but to be number four in the charts for 2013 so far is something we are incredibly proud of. We continue to be successful in the main Norwegian cities, but the majority of our growth is coming from rural areas, which shows the breadth of the Nissan Leaf’s appeal.”

Nissan explained Norway has been the centre of the electric vehicle market in Europe for some time, with a package of incentives including zero sales tax and zero road tax for electric vehicles as part of efforts to improve air quality for all citizens.

“It is no surprise that we are beating even our April record of second position with the new Nissan Leaf, we knew that the latest version was an even better fit to the Norwegian lifestyle,” said Jacek Gorski, Nissan Nordic Europe Managing Director. “The increased trunk capacity, five seats and standard quick charging make it a great family car. In addition, our engineers have designed a Nordic pack including battery heater, just for the Nordic region, to maintain customer satisfaction even in our very cold winters.”