January was another record-breaking month for the Nissan Leaf, maintaining its market-leader status in the UK.

Figures released by the UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show Nissan managed to sell 230 units of the Leaf during January 2014.

That total was more than 1,000 percent up when compared to sales in January 2013 according to SMMT sales numbers and Nissan said they clearly show the Leaf continues to enjoy strong upward sales momentum in the face of growing competition. Nissan added nearly three quarters of all pure electric vehicles sold in January 2014 were Nissan Leafs, continuing the trend secured last year.

The news that the British-built Nissan Leaf remains the UK’s electric model of choice came after a month when the company hit major milestones in terms of global sales and the installation of infrastructure.

First came the sale of the 3,000th all-electric Leaf in the UK and this was followed soon after by news that Hampshire dentist Brett Garner had become the 100,000th Leaf owner worldwide.

Then we learned that 1,000 CHAdeMO rapid chargers have now been installed across Europe, with almost 20 percent of them in the UK. These units are available at 195 locations around the UK including IKEA stores, motorway services stations and Nissan dealerships, many of which are currently completely free for owners to use, explained Nissan.