Nissan Leaf owners worldwide have, according to Nissan, logged-in over one billion kilometers on the company’s CarWings telematics system.

This one billion kilometers is the equivalent of 621,371,192 miles.

Nissan has also revealed this is the equivalent of saving over 180 million kilograms (397 million pounds) of CO2 emissions.

The proportion of Nissan Leaf vehicles registered with CarWings stands at approximately 54 percent of total sales globally, according to Nissan.

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This achievement comes almost four years since the Leaf was launched in 2010 and the EV is now the best-selling electric vehicle in history, with over 147,000 Leaf vehicles sold globally to date.

Through the CarWings telemetry used in the Leaf, Nissan said it has been able to keep an accurate log of the total distance covered by every Leaf registered with CarWings since the car’s launch. Nissan has been recording the distance on an online counter and involving owners in the count with a series of celebratory videos.

“Our aim was to see Nissan Leaf owners registered with our innovative CarWings system amass one billion kilometres by January 2015, and we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have achieved this landmark milestone earlier than anticipated,” said Paul Willcox, Chairman for Nissan in Europe. “We would like to thank every single Nissan LEAF owner for helping us in reaching this world-first. The Nissan LeafF was the first mass-market family electric vehicle ever built and the owner satisfaction scores are the best in the Nissan range. This huge distance landmark shows that many of our customers are rapidly clocking up kilometres as they enjoy the benefits of quiet, emission free driving.”