Seven Nissan Leaf have entered taxi duty today in London, UK.

eConnect Cars, a chauffeuring services company operating in London and using exclusively electric cars, has taken delivery of seven Nissan Leaf.

A further 14 Leaf are to be delivered later during 2014 to eConnect Cars, which is based in the heart of Canary Wharf in London.

Nissan said the top of the range, Nissan Leaf to provide a comfortable (and near-silent) journey and that eConnect Cars has already accumulated a healthy client base including, national law firm Maclay Murray & Spens LLP.

The Nissan Leaf is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for businesses across the UK, added Nissan.  Appropriately nicknamed ‘the big smoke’, London is the ideal location to start enforcing greener solutions and as the Leaf emits zero emissions when driving, eConnect Cars won’t be impacting on the already polluted environment compared to other chauffeur solutions.

“The development in the technology and inherent capabilities of electric vehicles are the prime reasons for why we have an opportunity to apply a practical, intelligent approach to the London private hire scene, something I wanted to convey with eConnect Cars,” said Alistair Clarke, founder of eConnect Cars. “There’s a big window of opportunity to do things smarter when it comes to urban mobility, and the introduction of an all-electric Leaf fleet has been a way in for us.”