Peer-to-Peer (P2P) carsharing is coming to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in April 2013.

This will be a first step in a national roll-out of a new car rental service to be offered at major domestic airports.

This new alternative, to be known as Hubber, will match an inventory of airport parked vehicles with deplaning passengers with short or long-term rental needs.

Hubber said that through its proprietary, virtual system, renters seeking a great value on the most diverse fleet offering available in the rental industry today, can reserve a vehicle from the Hubber inventory which fits the precise specifications of the renter’s transportation requirements.

Each Hubber vehicle, privately owned and offered by the owner through the Hubber program, is fully insured, fueled, and cleaned prior to renter pick-up.

Hubber members, who meet all the vehicle condition requirements set by Hubber and register their vehicles on the website, will enjoy the benefits of free parking at a nearby airport parking lot contracted by Hubber, free car wash, fuel service, plus a percent of rental revenue based on rental rates set by Hubber.

Hubber has engaged Abrams Consulting Group, Inc., a specialized consulting firm to the global auto rental and carsharing industries, to assist in the build-out of the Hubber business model.

In discussing the reasoning behind the Hubber business model, Paul Davis, founder and President of Hubber, explained that “anyone traveling into or out of major domestic and international airports notices the tens of thousands of idle vehicles collecting dust while racking up parking expenses. By using these as our fleet, the renter can find a vehicle suited to the market they’re visiting at a better cost with more efficiency than traditional rental car companies. We even include curbside service, zero lines, and all insurance and vehicle extras included to offer a better experience than traditional car rental companies at a more competitive price. Additionally, this collaborative sharing of resources would provide significant benefit to the community and environment, consistent with societal trends focused on improving quality of life in highly congested regions of the planet. By reusing redundant resources, we work at reducing the nearly 1.8 million vehicles manufactured just to serve the rental car fleet, reduce resources needed to get outbound passengers to and from the airport and direct the rental revenue back into the community the renter is visiting.”

Hubber will launch at LAX and SFO in April 2013, with additional domestic airports being added throughout 2013 and 2014.