Lamborghini and MIT have teamed up to create a wild and futuristic electric hypercar concept.

Called the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, the concept car is a glimpse into the Italian automaker’s future. Like everything else Lamborghini does, it’s looking for ways to radically change how we perceive automobiles, and in this case, the electrification of them.

For the most part, Lamborghini is shying away from committing to electrification, and for now, there’s little reason to believe an all-electric Lamborghini is in the works. But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t thinking about an electrified future. Teaming up with MIT, the Terzo Millennio is meant to showcase futuristic technology and this concept is packed with ideas straight out of a sci-fi movie. For example, the automaker is working with MIT professors to develop a way that supercapacitors can both capture and release energy.

In addition, the team is conducting research on how to build body components with carbon fiber nanotubes that could serve as lithium-ion batteries.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of having heavy batteries weighing down an electric car, Lamborghini’s idea is to build them right into the carbon fiber body. To take it to another level, there’s even the idea of making those nanotubes self-healing.

Essentially the car is able to self-monitor its carbon fiber structure, with the ability to detect any cracks or damage. When detected, “micro-channels filled with healing chemistries” will actually work on repairing the structure. Naturally, the technological ideas showcased by the Terzo Millennio aren’t heading to production anytime soon. But don’t be surprised if styling elements of the concept trickle down to future production Lamborghini models.

More importantly, however, Lamborghini and MIT are exploring the ideas being presented with the concept, with Lamborghini CTO Maurizio Reggiani going so far as to say, “I cannot tell you when … there are some components that are closer to industrialization than others.”

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