If you have always wanted a Tesla but were not prepared to buy the large-sized car for $76,200 and up, now’s your opportunity to get one starting at just $499.

Positioned as possibly one of the coolest kid toys out there, this Model S is actually for drivers aged 3-8, but is quite close in design to the real thing as it was done in collaboration with Tesla.

Built by Radio Flyer, better known for somewhat lower tech vehicles – like red wagons and scooters – the household name in toys that may have also supplied your grandparents is branching into the 21st century with this EV.

And it does look close to authentic, with a frunk, working headlights, mp3 jack and audio system, wheel options, genuine Tesla paint colors, and more.


Prepared to make parents envious or match their own Model S, the little EV features “flight-speed” lithium-ion batteries, and two speed modes. One is 3 mph, and the other is 6 mph, they’re set by a toggle in back, but alas, no “Ludicrous” mode is available from the options list at this juncture.

But an options list, there is. Completing the “fully featured, fully customizable” mini-Model S is an ordering page with configuration choices that is similar in layout to Tesla’s Design Studio ordering page.

Radio Flyer is taking pre-orders expected to begin shipping in May. No delay is known, but if you have any concerns, parents may want to keep track of Twitter in case Elon Musk has any news.