Kia unveiled the Sportspace at the 85th Annual Geneva Motor Show, a sleek wagon-like concept that is powered by a diesel-hybrid powertrain.

The Sportspace concept is powered by the latest evolution of Kia’s diesel-electric T-Hybrid system, previously seen on the Optima T-Hybrid concept at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.


Kia explained the 1.7-liter diesel engine is now twin charged; a conventional variable turbocharger is supported by a 48 volts electric booster.

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Through its fully independent activation, the booster is said to react faster than a traditional exhaust gas-driven turbocharger. At the same time, explains Kia, the 48V technology is clearly simpler and lighter than conventional hybridization. This system is further enhanced with an active multi-link rear axle to enable temporary all-wheel drive capability.

The booster also allows, per Kia, zero emissions low speed driving when parking or crawling in traffic.

And unfortunately, this is about all we know from a technology point of view. While Kia did wax poetic about the style and the interior of the concept, the company barely scratched the surface on the powertrain side.


And take note! The company believes this concept “is neither saloon car nor wagon. It is neither hatchback nor shooting brake. It is instead a vehicle that can meet the demands of those who refuse to be categorized when it comes to their lifestyle or their motoring needs.”