We believe that referring unfamiliar (and sometimes unprofitable) work to the dealer will slowly chip away at our business volume, and our skill set. Every year new systems and designs are introduced. Sooner or later a shop that doesn’t keep up with new technology will find the number of people willing bring their car in only for easy service work, then take their car to the dealer when it breaks, too few to keep their doors open. In addition, high tech is slowly seeping into previously low tech jobs, like tire replacement. By 2007, all cars will be required to have a tire pressure monitoring system. Most manufacturers are using RFID tire pressure sensors, which must be registered with an ECU, just like the RFID keys. Will tomorrow’s consumer be willing to put up with an annoying warning light and a “Gee, I dunno. Better take it to the dealer”, after paying $800 for tires? We’re betting they won’t. By losing a few dollars providing “dealer only” repair shortly after new technologies are introduced, we gain experience and our customer’s confidence.