Since Nissan’s now-U.S. assembled Leaf began with an all-time record of 2,236 sales in March, the subsequent monthly numbers have been a string of second-best months, with June’s being the highest runner up thus far at 2,225 deliveries.

That’s just 12 units shy of being a first-place record and it surpasses April’s 1,937 units sold and May’s 2,138 sold

June’s numbers are 315 percent higher than June last year and now at the half-year mark, Nissan reports it expects more to come with 2013 already trumping a weaker year last year.

“LEAF sales so far in 2013 have already passed the total for all of 2012,” said Corporate Communications Senior Manager, Brian Brockman.

Nissan reports various regional success stories have contributed to this, including the San Francisco Bay Area, regions in Oregon, and in the heart of the country in Atlanta, among others.

The company continues to help with the proliferation of charging infrastructure, including DC quick charge, and has worked out attractive lease rates as well. These plus a price slash this year and other factors have contributed to the car making sense in the mind of what so far has been a consistent stream of consumers over the past four months.