The Chevy Volt notched above recent months’ around-1,900-unit sales level to 2,406 units in July, its best month this year and 83.2 percent better than July 2015’s 1,313 units.

Prior to this, a best month in recent history was August 2014, in which 2,511 were sold. Helping things along, said automotive analyst Alan Baum, was a 20-percent off MSRP incentive for leftover 2016 models in the early days of July.

As the first plug-in electrified vehicle to receive a complete redesign, the new Volt struggled early in the year to match volumes in its best years of 2012 and 2013, but has picked up steam since March and its latest month, July, is within the realm of its better months on record.

The years 2012 and 2013 saw year-end totals within a few hundred units of each other in the 23,000-unit range. Year to date, with five months left to go, the Volt has sold 12,214 units.

If it averages just over 2,000 units per month for five more months, it could tie its peak years. Or is there room to go higher?

Notable also is 12,214 sales thus far is enough to make the Volt the second-best selling PEV in the U.S. behind the Tesla Model S.

Other cars doing well include the Ford Fusion Energi, which as of June was tracking about 2,600 units behind the Volt, having experienced a 133 percent gain that month.

As expected, the all-electric Nissan Leaf, awaiting a second generation revision but traditionally compared to the Volt having launched the same month, lags even further behind, with 1,063 sales.

We will have a complete sales report once we have all numbers in and checked with the July 2016 sales Dashboard.