Expanding its manufacturing operations in China, Johnson Controls is beginning production of advanced lead-acid batteries for start-stop vehicles.

“We’re excited to announce the delivery of our first batch of locally-manufactured batteries to power start-stop vehicles for local and global automakers in China,” said Kenneth Yeng, vice president and general manager, Johnson Controls Power Solutions China.

The company said the global start-stop market for new vehicles could reach 49 million annually by 2020. In China, the company predicts 40 percent of all new vehicles will be Start-Stop in this time frame.

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“Start-Stop is the best technology to help automakers meet increasingly strict environmental regulations while saving consumers money, as it requires minimal changes to the vehicle and costs significantly less than hybrid or electric vehicles,” said Lisa Bahash, group vice president and general manager Original Equipment, Johnson Controls Power Solutions.

The company added it recently began making Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) at its facility in Changxing, China for use in Start-Stop vehicles. Johnson Controls also has plans to localize production of Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries to support demand for fuel-efficient Start-Stop technology as part of the company’s complete portfolio of energy storage products.

Johnson Controls also debuted its 12-volt lithium-ion battery for Advanced Start-Stop vehicles at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition going on this week. The 12-volt Lithium-ion battery can increase fuel economy efficiency by up to 8 percent.

China represents the major growth market for Johnson Controls. The company’s commitment to growing its business in China is evidenced by its building of a second global headquarters in Shanghai, which will open in 2017.