After helping find the place, real estate strategy firm JLL will be Toyota’s third partner in building the company’s new North American headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Toyota said it has already tapped developer KDC and design firm Corgan. JLL will provide project management services, helping keep the enormous undertaking on track and on target.

“We are eager to move forward with the construction of our new headquarters with an experienced team that has a history of collaboration, like JLL and KDC,” said Doug Beebe, Toyota Motor Sales, Inc., corporate manager of Administrative Services. “JLL is a recognized industry leader that will add tremendous value to our project by providing a single point of contact to handle the consolidation and development in Plano.”

The firm is quite familiar with the project as it helped Toyota analyze potential sites before the company closed in on the Plano plan.

“We are honored to partner with Toyota as they embark on the development of their new state-of-the-art headquarters in Plano,” says JLL Managing Director Scott Boer. “We believe the values and principles our two companies share are a perfect match and will render an ideal workplace for Toyota and its associates far into the future.”