Comedian and car guy Jay Leno continued his fascination with electric cars while taking the Toyota i-Road electric concept car for a racetrack spin.

Leno drove the three-wheel vehicle on a recent episode of the second season of “Jay Leno’s Garage.” The all-electric concept car can travel about 31 miles on a charge, when speeds average around 19 mph. It takes up less than half of a standard lane and parking space.

“With a low-powered vehicle like this, the trick is to maintain your speed and try not to use your brakes at all,” Leno said in a voiceover at the beginning of the video segment.

The front wheels move up and down independently as the driver moves. The i-Road balances itself, leaning and choosing the correct angle as the driver proceeds around each corner.

Driving the i-Road was an odd sensation for Leno. “It feels like I’m driving a car, but it’s almost like I’m on skis,” he said.

Leno was thrilled to finish the track at 21.87 seconds, beating his competitor, Joe, who finished at 23.36 seconds. “Twenty one seconds – that beats my wedding night,” Leno said at the end of the video promoting “Jay Leno’s Garage,” airing Wednesday nights on CNBC at 10:00 pm eastern time. You can view the video below.


Jay Leno i-Road video starts

Toyota i-Road combines the convenience of a motorbike with the stability and comfort of a car. It is Toyota’s answer to the future of mobility, and the Japanese automaker has been promoting the car as an icon of Toyota’s future.

Leno is known for being fascinated with cars – from classic muscle cars to some of the very first electric cars ever built more than 100 years ago. His TV series shows off his vast collection stored in his Burbank, Calif.-based warehouse.

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