The next-generation Jaguar XJ will be a high-end electric vehicle that will serve as a technology flagship for the British automaker.

According to Autocar, Jaguar has decided to develop the all-new version of the XJ despite downward trending sales figures for big sedans. It plans to keep the XJ nameplate relevant by completely reinventing it, positioning the car as a fully electric alternative to vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. This would essentially make it a more well-equipped rival to the Tesla Model S – the only true premium electric sedan on sale today.

In addition to adopting an EV powertrain, the XJ will also morph into a five-door sedan, likely adopting a fastback shape similar to that of the Model S. The vehicle will also usher in a new design language for the brand, and Autocar reports JLR lead designer Ian Callum has already finalized the new sedan’s styling.

The new XJ’s EV powertrain will be previewed by the fully electric I-Pace crossover, which will launch this spring. The I-Pace is expected to have a 90 kWh battery pack, which will be good for about 220 miles of driving range. The I-Pace concept featured four electric motors producing 200 horsepower apiece, bringing total output to around 800 horsepower. It seems likely the mass market I-Pace won’t be this powerful, however a performance version could arrive with a similarly robust powertrain. From launch, the XJ will have a dual-motor setup with AWD, Autocar reports.

The next-gen Jaguar XJ will debut later this year before going on sale sometime in 2019.


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