As demand for diesel-powered cars flounders, Jaguar-Land Rover announced a second push for electric cars. The British luxury brands revealed in a Monday presentation that its investment in electric cars will increase by 25 percent by 2025.

The extra funds set aside for electric cars will see the total investment figure climb to $18 billion, according to Bloomberg. Jaguar-Land Rover was one of the many brands that first announced intentions to offer an electrified version of every model on sale. Now, with the added investment, the brands plan to sell three versions of each car: a gas version, a hybrid, and a battery-electric car.

The added investment will go toward retooling the brands’ English manufacturing plants to produce electric cars.

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However, the strategy could change if customer demand doesn’t show up. A company spokesperson told Bloomberg a purely electric version of every car may not come if the market doesn’t call for it. Right now, the plan is for more battery-electric cars.

Diesel demand has continued to slip in Europe following disastrous scandals across German automakers. Following the scandals, most notably at Volkswagen Group, some cities have begun mulling diesel-car bans in various parts of the area. Hamburg, Germany, became the first city in the country to introduce such a ban this past May.